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Unsupservised Feature Learning and Deep Learning

You probably want the UFLDL_Tutorial.

&= \left[ \frac{1}{m} \sum_{i=1}^m J(W,b;x^{(i)},y^{(i)}) \right] 
                       + \frac{\lambda}{2} \sum_{l=1}^{n_l-1} \; \sum_{i=1}^{s_l} \; \sum_{j=1}^{s_{l+1}} \left( W^{(l)}_{ji} \right)^2 
&= BLAH 


Editing Guidelines

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  • Please don't put unpublished work or any confidential information here.
  • Even though this is written on Wiki software, it is meant to be readable as an approximately linear tutorial.

Documentation for editing the Wiki

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