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      <p pageid="13" ns="0" title="Backpropagation Algorithm" />
      <p pageid="27" ns="0" title="Backpropagation vectorization hints" />
      <p pageid="87" ns="0" title="Code" />
      <p pageid="90" ns="0" title="Data Preprocessing" />
      <p pageid="82" ns="0" title="Deep Networks: Overview" />
      <p pageid="136" ns="0" title="Deriving gradients using the backpropagation idea" />
      <p pageid="109" ns="0" title="Exercise:Convolution and Pooling" />
      <p pageid="144" ns="0" title="Exercise:Independent Component Analysis" />
      <p pageid="122" ns="0" title="Exercise:Learning color features with Sparse Autoencoders" />
      <p pageid="40" ns="0" title="Exercise:PCA and Whitening" />
    <allpages apfrom="Exercise:PCA in 2D" />