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      <l ns="0" title="Backpropagation Algorithm" />
      <l ns="0" title="Backpropagation vectorization hints" />
      <l ns="0" title="Be-x-old:Шаблён:Зноскі" />
      <l ns="0" title="Br:Patrom:Daveoù" />
      <l ns="0" title="Bs:Šablon:Refspisak" />
      <l ns="0" title="Ca:Plantilla:Referències" />
      <l ns="0" title="Cascading Style Sheets" />
      <l ns="0" title="Convolutional training" />
      <l ns="0" title="Cy:Nodyn:Cyfeiriadau" />
      <l ns="0" title="Data Preprocessing" />
    <alllinks alfrom="Deep Belief Networks" />